Saturday, June 1, 2013

100 Strangers: 9 of 100

Meet Katherine. I met her and her friends at a local pub/brewery. Katherine is a college student majoring in literature. 

I asked her if she could tell me something that was unique about her and one of her friends suggested the pants story. Katherine looked a little reluctant about telling the tale, but she relinquished.

Some years ago, Katherine had converted to Judaism and became a practicing Hasidic Jew. Having not grown up in the tradition, she found that her wardrobe was not within the norms of the community, so she jettisoned all her pants. Over time, Katherine felt overly pressured to marry [within the community]. Marriage was not in her immediate life plan and the issue eventually lead Katherine away from the Jewish community. Sometimes the search for spirituality leads us to new places, unfamiliar places with practices that may clash with our core selves.

Katherine no longer practices Judaism and now has pants back in her wardrobe. I don't think the pants issue had anything to do with her decision to leave the faith.

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This image was taken with a Yashica ZoomImage 70se on Fujichrome Sensia 100. The Sensia film was cross-processed via C-41.

Unfortunately, after viewing this roll of developed film, it's come to my attention that the auto-focus on this camera seems to be having some issues. Even more unfortunate, between the time of finishing off this roll of film and its development, I dropped the camera onto concrete and several pieces of the body went flying off [oops]. I'm not sure if I can repair it and, considering the focusing problem, I'm not sure if it's worth my time. I really had gotten to like this camera; as far as low-end point and shoots go, it has a great feel to it. This was the second p & s camera I broke in the same week. What's up with that?

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