Sunday, April 21, 2013

100 Strangers: 8 of 100

Meet Raphael and Angel. They were queued in front of me at a convenience store. I thought their suits were really cool and the fact that they had matching attire made them stand out all the more. I had to photograph them. At first they were a little apprehensive, but when I explained the 100 strangers project, they agreed to my folly.

Raphael and Angel work as waiters at a local restaurant, hence the matching suits. They were running a little late so I needed to get the shot in quick time. My film camera was buried somewhere in the back of my vehicle, so I thought I'd forgo film and use my phone's camera. As soon as I enacted the camera app, the phone's battery died on me. Asking them to hold the moment, I ran back to my ride, opened the back hatch and started digging through the scattered tools and whatnot looking for my Nikon One Touch [a.k.a. Nikon AF2] which was loaded up with some Chinese made Kodak Gold 100.

The shot was taken and off they went. As he was getting into their car, Angel's last words to me were to give the store clerk the blog address. He and the clerk were friends and the message would be passed on. Thanks for your patience guys. Glad to have made your aquaintence.

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