Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Goodbye Cattleman's Wharf

Unceremoniously, the Cattleman's Wharf was demolished today. Once the playground of young and hip party-goers, the restaurant/nightclub was notably remembered as a place to hear live music and that place with the slide that went from the second floor bar down to the disco floor.

The building has been sitting derelict for many years now. No music, no limousines rolling up the bridge for patrons to make their grand entrance, no night lights or the faint clinking of glasses. The only inhabitants I've noticed for these past years is the pride of feral cats that roamed the ventilation system and peered out from under the pilings.


Noreen Gamble said...

Oh my that is sad.... I worked there from 81 to 92 have have many amazing memories there including eating my husband.... so sad :(

Noreen Gamble said...

LOL meeting....hilarious!