Monday, September 3, 2012

All The Beautiful People: Orange Street Fair 2012

Orange, California. Annual street fair. The fair is a good excuse to get out among a large crowd of folks, eat, drink and wear funny hats — if you're so moved to don some head covering. Loads of fun, friendly people and a chance to carry a beer through streets that normally forbid such activity. 

I strolled about the streets with cameras in hand [digital and film cameras]. This set of images was shot with my Lumina G3, but I also went through a few rolls of film with a Yashica point and shoot camera. Perhaps there'll be a second set of Orange Fair pics once I get those developed.

For more information on the annual event, go here.


Christine H. said...

You obviously have a great eye. These are all so compelling. The first one is absolutely captivating. Nicely done!

vigilanty said...

Where's the picture you took of me and my friends?