Thursday, June 7, 2012

Postcard: Woman With Bouquet

Such a lovely portrait; the painted backdrop, the shallow depth of field, soft but lightly dramatic lighting. Everything pulled together to make this a fine photograph. There's no message on the back of this postcard, so I have no idea who this stunning woman might be. Was she a celebrity? Regardless, I can tell you that this picture was most likely taken in the 1920s.

Although 'the bob' hairstyle entered the fashion scene around 1915, it became all the rage — and very controversial — throughout the 1920s. A prominent look for any flapper. In addition to her hair style, the dress, make-up and necklace certainly put the time period in post-WWI fashion.

A printed inscription on the back of the postcard reads, 'Made in France,' and yes, it is in English. Any information you may have about this postcard, the photography studio that created the image or the subject, would be welcomed.

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