Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Postcard: Wading Pool

Although I collect many different types of postcards, the one thing that attracts me most to any subject are images of people in past gone scenes. Moments in history that speak to us across the years. What first caught my attention with this card was the kids having a great time in the wading pool and all their parents lined around the pool's edge passively watching; the dichotomy of action between the adults and the children is kind of funny. 

Then it hit me, 'The Small Parks Systern in Chicago . . .'

I've worked in print design for longer than I will admit to and am familiar with the dreaded typo. I found another version of this image at another blog [here] and confirmed that this is an image of the [South] Chicago parks system. Misspellings are more common than most publishers would want to admit to, but in a galley of eleven words, this is a gross oversight. Perhaps the printer ran out of m's and used the r & n in its place.

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Christine H. said...

For thos of us with weak eyesight, it did almost look like an M. Reminds me of that Band; Twisted Cistern.