Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Postcard: Grass Cutter

Although this postcard is unused and doesn't bear a postmark, there is an inscription that reads, 'Boy cutting grass. Gathering ch'ai Hon.'

This last line is a bit confusing; ch'ai Hon[g] refers to a black tea, but the boy in this photo is certainly cutting grass, not tea leaves. I would assume that the inscription is wrong. As that this is a British colonial postcard, the grass the boy is cutting could be something like lemon grass, which is used to blend with some teas.

Photo by King-Peitaiho — I've seen other postcards with this photo credit, some from China. Peitaiho refers to a coastal area in east China, but being part of the name of a photographer's studio or agency, the name may not refer to any specific location. So, I'm not sure if this card is from China; perhaps Ceylon or India. I may be wrong, but the boy in this photograph looks like he has light brown [light colored] hair which would indicate he is most likely not of east Asian origin. Perhaps he is the child of a British or Dutch colonialist that was used as a model for the photograph.

Much thanks to Wm. Forth for his insight and information regarding this article.

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