Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Caveman Goeth Forth

I recently saw a Geico [insurance] tv commercial with their cg-gecko walking along various California landscapes, including the Venice Beach bike path. Near the end of the commercial, you can see the back of Caveman walking through the Venice set. It occurred to me that just a few months ago I was talking with this wild man on that very stretch of shoreline.

I can tell you that this guy does not sit still very well and makes for a good moving target . . . none-the-less, he provides a fun distraction from all else that happens on the boardwalk.


Christine H. said...

Does he have surgically implanted horns?

K.S. Chambers said...

I kept looking at those horns and thinking the same thing, but no, they're just a really good make-up job.

Hey, this is just around the corner from Hollywood . . . expect the unexpected.