Saturday, January 14, 2012

Postcards: More Alligators Spotted In California

More postcards from the California Alligator Farm in Los Angeles, California.

Those were the days when you could let your child hang out with a clutch of hungry young alligators or hitch your buggy up to a grown one and not be arrested for child endangerment. Yes, society has changed its views on many things since the early twentieth century, but I think there are still folks out there who long for those days and do take their 'gator out for a stroll on the lawn. Certainly, it must be an effective way to keep the neighborhood dogs out of your yard.

Admittedly, I once took my family to Gatorland in Orlando, Florida and let my son hold a live alligator, albeit a young, two to three footer with its mouth taped shut. Good fun and fond memories. I expect I might get a few angry comments from the folks at PETA, but hey, a healthy appreciation and respect for nature can't always be had by watching Animal Planet on cable.

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