Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Postcard: Alligators In California

Alligators [and other types of crocodilians] have fascinated us for a long while. Their very primordial nature conjures images of dragons and our vulnerability to the powerful, instinctive aspect of nature. Holding such beasts captive and out from jaw's harm is an inescapable draw for satisfying our curious disposition. 

The Los Angeles Alligator Farm was founded in 1907 in Lincoln Heights [east of downtown L.A., east of the Los Angeles River]. In 1953, The Alligator Farm relocated it's operations to Buena Park, California — adjacent to Knott's Berry Farm.

I'm not old enough to remember the move from Los Angeles, but I did spend many afternoons at the Buena Park location. Only a few miles from my house, it was a young boy's idea of a great zoo; nothing but big scary beasts. I fondly remember gazing down at the Nile Crocodile they had in their collection. At approximately twenty feet [6 meters] it was the biggest, scariest creature I had ever laid eyes upon at that point in my life.

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