Friday, January 20, 2012

Courtyard Menace

Many years ago I was introduced to an art form known as, Mail Art. Being a postcard fanatic, I started making small collages on postcards and mailing them off to mail art exhibits. Eventually I moved on to making pieces without the postcard base. As that most mail art exhibits do not return pieces, mailing off a piece is saying good-bye to it forever. Everything I ever mailed off was never returned.

I was recently clearing out some old files and came across an envelope marked, small collages. Inside were a few small pieces from back in my college days. I can only figure that the pieces inside, including the piece posted here, were things I just felt like keeping for myself. As that I haven't participated in any mail art shows for many [many] years, the pieces I found were a nice reminder of days past.

The above piece measures 5.5" x 3.5" [approx. 14cm x 9cm]; assembled from found materials.

I recently added a link to my blog roll below that leads to an online, ongoing mail art exhibit. You can get there from here.

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