Saturday, December 31, 2011

Smokey's Eyes

Post-processed using the Poladroid app, here's a snap of one of the house cats in his near-ceiling hiding place. Poladroid is a very addicting app that'll get you dragging out all your snapshots to get that 'instant' feel. Yes you can go out and buy film for your old Polaroid camera [or, like me, cameras]. Fuji still makes instant film and now you can purchase film for the Polaroid 600, SX70 and Spectra cameras from The Impossible Project, here.

I havn't yet tried out the newly available film for my old Spectra, but do use Fuji's FP-100C and FP-100B in my Polaroid 220.

If you've never used Poladroid, you're in for some fun. One note about the app's auto-processing, you may want to crop your image prior to dropping it onto the icon. Post-processing features can be controlled through the Preferences window.

The app is free [but they do accept donations] and can be acquired here.

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