Thursday, November 3, 2011

Muscle Shell & Other Seaside Encounters

I had mentioned last month that my Lumix GH1 had gone a little haywire. After some consideration, and an estimated repair cost, I felt it was time to move forward and update to the newer G3 camera body. All my old lenses fit the new model, so no need to shell out the green for a kit lens.

I've already posted a few .jpeg images from this new set-up, but here's the first set of images using the upgraded Camera Raw 6.5 (CR 6.5) via Photoshop CS5 (PS CS5). The unfortunate thing about upgrading digital equipment is, as it was with my situation, it may also involve the cost of upgrading software. If I want to shoot in raw file format with the newer technology, PS CS4 just won't do it; CR 6.5 is incompatible with any version of Photoshop prior to CS5 and the G3 RAW files require the newer CR 6.5. Perhaps there are advantages to the newer software, but it would be nice if there were choices in such matters like not having to expend budgets when you would rather not do so. Fortunately, the cost of a PS upgrade isn't as big a hit as is the original cost of entry.

If you're ready to make a jump to new digital camera equipment, here's Adobe's list of cameras that will need the Camera RAW 6.5 upgrade.

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