Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Toy Bites Camera

It was just after this point that the Lumix's sensor became self aware and ceased to function for its operator. It has decided to look at the world through different eyes; a world of flickering, contrasty colors with shutters half open.
Could it have been the new pinhole lens? I'm sure it was just an unfortunate coincidence; bad timing to play with the new toy. Whatever the case, a brick is a brick. Damn.

Otherwise, the Wanderlust Pinwide is a fun little piece of engineering with an amazing range. The frog whirligig, left, is only about an inch and a half high [4cm] away from the lens. Look at that focal range; aperture is about f128? So says the manufacturer. This shot was taken at ISO 400 at 1/8 sec., handheld.

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