Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hummingbird with Sprockets

If you look closely, you'll notice about five layers of elements were used in the composition of this image. I'm pretty sure that there really were about seven separate processes, but who needs to count such stuff when the only thing that matters is the final result.

The bird and background foliage were shot in the same location on the same day, on separate frames. Additional elements came from the archives.

I mentioned earlier this week that my Lumix GH1 had gone a bit mad on me. Well, after some further assessment, it is confirmed, the old GH1 is in need of some major repair work or just needs to be replaced. All a matter of what to invest in; an updated machine that will last me a few more years than what I currently have or the cheaper route and invest in something that may not last another year. The unfortunate truth is that my GH1 has presented several concerning issues over the past month or two; this last problem being the greater of concerns.

While I'm trying to sort out a few details regarding equipment, I'll be sharing more images from the archives.

Thank you for tuning in, your viewership is appreciated.

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